Created by @BTdesignMonkey in the heart of New Orleans’ the Treme and birthplace of music. Kermit’s, formerly Ernie K-Doe’s, Mother-In-Law lounge circa 2015. Her vision was to create an artist haven that's is a safe place for artists and art lovers no matter the status. Starting as a weekly gathering every Monday night to network, fellowship, and connect all genres of independent artist. Indie Yah Yah is about showing and helping spread the connection between vibrations of people through your indie.

Your Indie is any type of independent expression of self from musicians, comedians, singers, rappers, dancers, chefs, models, business owners and creators of all walks of life. It's not easy having to manage your indie and play several roles including manager, booking agent, distributor, graphic designer, executive, and more. Why not be all under one roof vibing, spreading great energy while networking? We all have to work together to help each other stay indie. So express it! Sign-Up today to join the wave.


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